Make Cologne Out Of Your Favorite Whiskey

Learn how to make your own eau de Jack Daniels. 

This is the place where genuine boozehounds and amateur perfumers meet. Scientists working around the clock have discovered that cologne can be made using nothing more than the ingredients in the average middle-class liquor cabinet, and require about as much as effort as it takes to mix a cocktail. 

Supercompressor wrote up a handy DIY guide for creating a number of potent manly scents, such as whiskey, tobacco, and dry martini. Be warned, we have not road-tested this parfum, so it’s hard to tell if it’ll make you smell like you’ve been hanging out in a bar for an unacceptably long time, or land a supermodel.

Only one way to find out: Stock up on spray bottles and add this tutorial to your Pinterest board. Long live the men’s crafts movement.