This Stylish New Service Lets You Rent Killer Designer Sunglasses on the Cheap

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There’s a brand-new subscription service that lets you rock high-end designer eyewear for low, low prices. rents super stylish frames to subscribers for as little as $29 a month—even high-priced eyewear like Tom Ford and Versace—and delivers them right to their door. 

Just check out some of the totally sweet shades available through Eyedesired in the slideshow above.

“I want everyone to have access to high-end eyewear without paying an arm and a leg,” founder Rida Khan tells us. “With high-priced products and consumers who love variety, designer rental is the new way to go.”

Subscribers can try out designer eyewear and then swap them out for fresh pairs once they get bored of them.


If they come across a model worth keeping forever, subscribers can buy them for just 80 percent of retail price.

A basic subscription is as little as $29 per month for “Basic Sunglasses” and $45 for “Luxury”, which gives you access to ultra high-end glasses as expensive as $1,000. 

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Check ’em out in the slideshow below. And sign up now!