Maxim Office Style: Senior Editor Matt Berical

Editor Matt Berical, 31, layers up against an aggressively cold spring.
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Spring is here—almost. The tilt of the earth says so. But the sun is unreliable, and that accounts for my layers today. I found this patterned scarf on sale at Zara for $30—a deal, considering it's a long and heavy knit. My olive green coat is a collaboration designer Ian Velardi did with Gap, and is hands down my most prized piece of clothing. I can flip the high collar up like a noir detective, and it stands out from crowd of classic navy and black coats in every bar in NYC.

As for the rest: My suit is an Italian wool number from the J.Crew Ludlow Shop, my first adult clothing purchase. It's breathable and slim and I throw it on a few times a week—far more often than I should, but it just fits so damn well. The pants are tailored a bit higher than normal because I'm 6'3" and look like I was drawn by Craig Bartlett. The tie is from Tie Bar, which is the only place I buy my neckwear these days; there's no better place to find a great tie for fifteen bucks. Layering, at least, is one upside to this unrelenting cold.

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