This $440,000 MB&F Jet Engine Watch Shape is Getting Hilarious Reactions

“The most phallic bit of watchmaking of the 21st Century.”


Avant-garde watch brand MB&F’s Horological Machine No. 9, aka HM9, was deemed “crazy” by designer Maximilian Büsser at launch in 2018. The highly technical bauble was inspired by twin-turbine jet engines, but the latest Sapphire Vision (SV) edition has collected another comparison. 

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The HM9 SV boasts a pair of balance wheels that beat independently on each flank of a central body, which houses a gear box that averages the output of both balances to provide one stable reading of the time. While intended to resemble a powerplant from the aviation industry, the designed was deemed “the most phallic bit of watchmaking of the 21st Century” by Hypebeast


One thing’s certain: The HM9 is striking regardless of how the shape is interpreted. The case is comprised of complex combination of milled sapphire crystal and grade-5 titanium, red gold or white gold. That pair of balance wheels are separately calibrated to ensure that they beat at independent tempos, providing two sets of chronometric data. 


The wide-to-narrow alternating arrangement of the case’s three primary volumes required dividing the case along two axes, which was accomplished with a patented 3D-gasket to achieve 30 meters of water resistance. 


Only 20 examples of the MB&F HM9 SV will be produced: 10 with 18-karat red-gold alloy case and either an NAC-coated black or PVD-coated blue movement, and 10 with an 18-karat white gold case with either a PVD-coated purple or red gold-plated movement. 

Each retails for a whopping $440,000. Visit MB&F’s website to learn more.