MB&F Collabs With L’Epee 1839 For Miniature Monster Desk Clock

The “T-Rex” timepiece is a limited edition creation made as part of a 3-way partnership with Massena Lab.


Thanks to a unique three-way collaboration between Massena LAB‘s William Massena, CEO and founder of MB&F Maximilian Büsser and the master clockmakers from L’Epee 1839 we have another wild-looking desk clock: A bronze model of an MB&F-L’Epee T-Rex table clock unveiled in 2019. 


This crazy-looking conversation piece of a clock was, according to Robb Report, inspired by “a kooky Christmas ornament that Büsser kept on his desk for years, a bright blue ball sitting atop a pair of scrawny chicken legs.”

So Büsser took his whacky idea to Massena LAB, which in its two years of existence has made luxury watch collaboration central to its business.


And as silly as the T-Rex clock may seem at first, it’s actually a brilliantly constructed piece of timekeeping technology, the bronze claw feet carefully balanced for stability and the body burnished for a stylishly aged look.


Robb Report quotes William Massena’s explanation regarding pre-aging the metal then sealing it to prevent any further burnishing. “To let it age on its own would expose the clock to possible premature oxidation and rusting,” he says, “We did not want that to happen. It is easy to clean a water-resistant watch and prevent the case from aging too much, but a clock is much more delicate.”

Only 15 of these will be available for purchase, and they retail for $27,000 each. Find yours before they’re gone at the Hodinkee Shop, Watches of Switzerland, or massenalab.com.