The MB&F Space Pirate Tells Future Time

Swiss fanatics are going back to the future.

The MB&F Space Pirate is a chronograph reimagined by steampunk Picasso: The head is distorted yet biomorphic, with its functions separated and sent to the corners. Sure, everything’s there, but not where you’d expect. 

Each of the watch’s four corners holds a sphere. At bottom are two indications that rotate vertically, showing hours and minutes while at top are two spherical turbines that regulate the winding system against interrupting forces like gravity and pressure. At center is a dome that allows a view of the watch’s tourbillon. Holding all these otherworldly orbs together is a titanium case (carapace?) fortified further with a titanium brace. This watch manages to be deconstructed and well constructed at the same time.

Strong enough to survive a rocket launch, odd enough to become a trans-galactic conversation piece, and with almost 500 high-quality, precision-assembled parts that will keep time through a black hole, the Space Pirate is a raider on a deadline. At $230,000 apiece, it better be. Just think of it as the watch you hand down to your grand-grand-grand-grand-grandson. It’ll go with his jetpack.

Photos by MB&F