7 Coats From Milan Fashion Week We’d Wear Right Now

It’s only getting colder outside.

salvatore ferragamo fall 2016 fashion show backstage

Twice a year the fashion industry is basically a traveling circus. No seriously: editors go from London to Florence and then to Milan. Then there’s a quick shuttle to New York for a few weeks before doing it all over again. It’s a surreal experience: in September you’re seeing all the styles for next summer, and after the shows people pretty much pay you to look at clothes and go to blow out parties. But we’re not complaining. 

Yesterday the Milan menswear arm of the trip wrapped up (womenswear doesn’t happen for a few more weeks), which showcased what designers are hoping we’ll be wearing for next Fall.  Yes, even around events like Lil Wayne walking offstage at shows, there were collections to see. With the cold weather setting in though, there’s quite a few coats that we wouldn’t mind adding to our closets right now. From bomber jackets to puffer coats with fur trims and green topcoats, here are seven of our favorite coats from the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016 shows.