Miller Beer Wants You To Buy This Flannel Shirt

A beer company launches fashion line? We’re down with it.

Beer companies get a good bit of our paychecks. They have their own little line item in the budgets we occasionally put together. But there’s a reason for that: we love beer — and they know it.

Now, after merging with Budweiser to form the world’s largest beer company, Miller is hoping to grab an even bigger piece of our paychecks with a new fashion line. Teaming up with the Chicago-based Stock Manufacturing Company, the company has produced a seven piece capsule on sale now with shirts, a cap, riding pants and sportsman’s jacket. Inspired by the Miller High Life ads that made the brand famous over the past 100 years, every article is made in the USA — and they’re all pretty wearable.

While the $35 “Girl on crate” printed tee looks cool, the flannel Fisherman’s shirt is pretty much essential for fall wear (never mind the fact that it’s an awesome retro throwback to a 1952 Miller High Life ad). Other pieces to take note of: The riding pants cut into a jogger silhouette (if you’re into that sort of thing) and the long haul denim jacket with the “Girl in the Moon” embroidery on the back. 

Flannel shit, denim jacket with a Miller in hand? Sounds like a good day for fishing to us.