This Muhammad Ali-Inspired Timepiece Is a Knockout

Don’t sacrifice your brawn for style.

The boxing and fashion worlds may seem incongruous, but this Muhammad Ali-inspired line from Shinola packs a punch.

The Detroit-based luxury brand is offering a Muhammad Ali-inspired timepiece, available in both 36mm and 41mm. The state-of-the-art quartz chronometer features a stainless steel cushion case and a lush brown alligator strap. The strap’s striking crimson backing evokes the iconic red boxing gloves the Greatest donned at his prime.

Each watch is enclosed in a custom hickory box, which includes three Thomas Hoepker-lensed photographs of the boxer at various landmark events in his career. The prints are even autographed by the acclaimed Magnum photographer.

Created in partnership with the Muhammad Ali Center, the watch may seem an odd offering from a luxury brand. However, each year Shinola releases a limited edition Great American series, which pays tribute to American pioneers and innovators. It debuted back in 2013 with a stylish aviation-geared nod to the Wright Brothers.

The Muhammad Ali Collection also includes a single-speed bicycle, a boxing robe, leather boxing gloves, a Cassius Clay sweatshirt, and a jump rope.

Rocking this timepiece, however, will set you back at $2,250. Shinola has only manufactured 400 of them, so act fast.

Photos by Shinola Detroit