The Riva 90 Argo Is a Stunning Italian Pleasure Yacht

That’s one beautiful boat.


With Riva‘s 90 Argo, the luxury Italian boat brand has reached new heights, taking the best elements from previous models like the Riva 110′ Dolcevita and combining them into something sporty, elegant, and new. 

The Argo isn’t just an example of the brand further refining its product. It’s also a classic by nature, the very name and the construction paying tribute to Greek mythology (Argo was the name of the ship Jason and the Argonauts took to seek the Golden Fleece).


While the “90” in the name may be an allusion to the yacht’s basic length, it’s actually almost 94 feet long, though its streamlined look might suggest lighter, speedier ships.


Part of that look is embodied in the long windows that blend in with the hull’s lines. But it’s still a luxury yacht, with an above-deck swimming platform and elevated helm with a horizon-spanning view.


The master suite on the main deck has large windows with panoramic views but it seems like just about any berth on a 90 Argo might be equally desirable. There’s also full-sized VIP suite, stateroom equipped for two guests, and design elements throughout stamped with style signatures from the most well-known Italian interior design houses.

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View detailed plans for the Riva 90 Argo Yacht here

Pricing is available on request. To talk about purchasing, contact Riva via this link.