Shinola Debuts Elegant Automatic Upgrade of Flagship Runwell Watch

This Detroit-based watchmaker elevates the game with stylish new timepieces.
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Shinola is introducing a new, automatic version of its flagship Runwell line, and these timepieces are understated works of art.

The Runwell Automatic has been under development in the Detroit watchmaker's studios for six years now, so fans of the brand might well say it's about... time. (See what we did there?) 


A look at the specs, though, emphasizes why this was a watch worth waiting for. This stepped-up Runwell will be available in muted colorways with tan, burgundy, and black leather bands as well as classic metal, and it will come with 39.5 mm and 45 mm cases. 


The Automatics are made with precise Swiss movement that smoothly powers the second, minute, and hour hands. They come with a double-domed sapphire crystal and printed dial along with a sapphire-paned window in the case back with a view to the rotor at the heart of the timepiece. 


These beauties have also been constructed with 26 jewels to enhance accuracy through reducing internal friction and have a generous 38 hours of power reserve.

The Runwell Automatic with a leather strap will sell for $1,095, and bracelet styles will go for $1,295. Sales begin April 2nd at Shinola stores and