Shinola x Radio Flyer Detrola Watch Is a Summer-Ready Stunner

Channel childhood vibes with this wagon-inspired everyday wristwatch.


The red Radio Flyer wagon is, let’s face it, something from an earlier time. It was part of childhood for kids from the 1920s through the 1980s or so, but by now it’s a bright relic of Americana, something the watchmakers at Shinola understand very well.

That’s why this brilliant red Shinola x Radio Flyer Detrola Watch is a pitch-perfect brand partnership. Original Shinola went out of business at the height of the wagon’s popularity in 1960 and returned in 2011 rocking an artsy vibe and turning out products that merged modern aesthetics and retro cool. This was a collab just waiting to happen.


Shinola’s Radio Flyer Detrola is a nicely-sized 43mm watch set in lightweight TR90 plastic. The indexes and band are little red wagon crimson set against a white face with black numbers and a distinctive cartoon logo depicting a kid racing in a wagon.

Since the resurrection of mechanical and automatic watches, the quartz that once nearly ended the watchmaking industry has somehow become retro, so naturally the Radio Flyer Detrola has quartz movement as well.


The Shinola x Radio Flyer Detrola watch is an affordable $395 but will be limited to just 370 pieces. Learn more at