Here’s What You Should Wear to That New Year’s Eve Party

Plus what dudes have been putting on for the last 100 years.

Let’s be real: New Year’s Eve is about popping bottles of Champagne and partying as hard as possible. Sure, you get all dressed up to get sloshed, and your girl probably has some metallic low-cut something or another set aside, but ringing in the new year isn’t supposed to be hard.

Over the last 100 years, dudes have been strapping into suspenders or using their military fancy dress as a stand-in for the big day. A few decades in the late 20th century nonwithstanding, it’s always been a pretty sharp look.

But still, it might be a little difficult to decide exactly what you need. Pick up these five products before you head out — and slap on a spangly hat — and you’re pretty much ready to bring in the new year in style.