This Is How Many Sneakers Nike Sells Every Second

That’s a lot of Jordans.


That age-old expression that something “sells like hotcakes” is due for a major upgrade. How about “sells like Nikes”?

According to the research (or rather, a tweet) from sports industry analyst Matt Powell, Nike sells an insane 25 pairs of sneakers every damn second.

Here’s his logic: Nike earned $9.1 billion dollar in its first quarter, which he broke down into an average of 25 pairs per second, assuming the average sneaker is $40 a pair.

His findings aren’t exact and are perhaps simply intended to provide a tangible idea of how popular Nikes are. Mind you, Nike sells more than just shoes, and the cost of its sneakers runs the gamut, with Jordans averaging around $200 a pair.

So if costumers were only buying Jordans, that’d be 5 pairs a second, which, in all fairness, is still seriously impressive.

h/t Esquire