These Air Jordan 5 Low Sneakers Celebrate Chinese New Year

Fired up and ready to go.


The well-dressed man knows there’s a pair of shoes for every occasion, and any discerning sneakerhead worth his salt knows there’s also a pair of stylish kicks for every possible occasion, too. So, what better way to ring in the new year than with the much-hyped return of the Air Jordan 5 Low silhouette to Nike’s equally hyped Chinese New Year collection?

A fan-favorite collection to ring in a new year, the Air Jordan 5 Low gets right down to business in its homage to Chinese New Year, centered around the theme of firecrackers seen at Chinese New Year celebrations. How does this come across in a sneaker? It’s simple, really.


The Air Jordan 5 Low Sneakers already feature a red-and-sail color scheme, but the tearaway upper gives ‘em a real bit of snap, crackle and pop, if you will. Removing the canvas upper will reveal a firecracker design underneath that makes them the most unique sneakers in your closet.

Better still is the fact that they release later this month, in time for Chinese New Year (January 14th, to be exact).

The agreeable price tag of $215 is a downright steal compared to other limited-edition sneakers, proving that Nike knows what sneaker aficionados want (more kicks at great prices). Spiky yellow trim accents also drive home the firecracker theme.

Talk about an explosive and seriously cool pair of kicks to add to your rotation as soon as they drop online.