Nike’s ISPA Sneaker Collection Is Its Most Experimental Yet

Nike reveals five futuristic sneakers that are definitely not your average kicks.


After dropping muscled-up variant of the Air Max 720 as a part of Nike’s recently launched ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) lineup, Nike announced five unique new additions to its design-focused ISPA family. 

Zoom Road Warrior 


This silhouette “scavenges” elements from Nike’s running, basketball, and cross-country shoes. The open floating heel borrows from early Nike Shox prototypes, with double-stack zoom pods and under foot plates. Meanwhile, the breathable knit-patch upper promises to provide the same levels agility and protection offered by Nike trainers. Out July 10

Overract FK


The Nike ISPA Overreact—named for Nike’s proprietary cushioning platform—shares  geometries with Nike React models. Pressure and density maps, as well as foot strike data, were analyzed to determine where support is most and least needed. The shoe’s upper is crafted from a mix of recycled yarns, similar to the Nike VaporMax 2 Random’s. An easy-on, easy-off closure system aims to provide a “giant hug for the foot.” Out July 9.

Overreact FK Sandal


The Nike ISPA Overreact Sandal amplifies the former’s sophisticated approach to extreme comfort with a stripped down, warm-weather-ready build. The midsole and outsole carry a disproportionate tread pattern, devised as an ode to the Overract’s improvised traction systems. Both visible and hidden layers provide structure and security while allowing for free airflow. Out July 31. 

Flow 2020


This shoe is inspired by extreme sports athletes who take a DIY approach to maximizing their equipment by shaving footwear down to the bare necessities. A  perforated outsole with an open-weave mesh facilitates internal intake of airflow. Nike heralds the Flow 2020 as an example of the ISPA process “at its nerdiest, in service of creating ISPA footwear at its coolest.” Out August 13.



A hybrid of Japanese traditional work boots and Nike sneakers, the ISPA Drifter transforms the split-toe Tabi shoe into a lightweight, all-day performance kick. The split-toe upper sits on a lightweight supple foam compound that includes Nike ZoomX foam. An external webbing fastening system creates a stable lockdown fit that allows for cinching from both the front and center of the eyestay. Out September 1.