The New Jordan Brand Super.Fly 2017 Just Might Be the Ultimate Basketball Sneaker

Take your hoops game to the next level.


(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)

When it comes to performance on the basketball court, proper footwork matters. 

So the all-new Super.Fly 2017 from Jordan Brand, which is tricked out with something called Nike React technology, are ideal for wannabe ballers who think enhanced sneaker tech might actually help them move like Steph or Lebron or even MJ on the hardwood.

It certainly looks flashier than past models, with ridged uppers and eye-popping tan and red colorway. But its performance technology that truly holds courts.

(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)

Nike React is described as a “design process” that is “powered by athlete data, wherein “data is visualized through pressure maps that show exactly where athletes need support and allowing full optimization of cushioning and traction.”

(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)
(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)

It’s all a really fancy way of saying the sole cushioning provides support where it needs to.

Part of this innovation came from counsel from Los Angeles Clippers baller Blake Griffin.

(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)

“Through the course of the season, you need a shoe that helps keep your feet fresh and takes a bit of the load off all that jumping,” Griffin said in a statement. 

“I need a shoe that’s able to bounce back with me and give me a little bit of help — one that cushions and supports at the same time.”

(Photo: Jordan Brand/Nike)

With the Super.Fly 2017, you’ll have all that support in a slick-looking package. The Super.Fly 2017 hits shelves August 3, although price points are still unknown.