These Nike x Supreme Concepts Might Be the Coolest Sneakers Imaginable

Sneakerheads are going nuts for these kicks.


What goes on in the design studios of buzzy streetwear label Supreme is top secret. Their collaborations with Nike, which began in 2002, continue to astound sneakerheads with their unexpected style innovations.

There’s no telling what they might put out next, but Hayden Dore of Past Season, who Highsnobiety describes as a “photoshop whiz,” has envisioned how Nike x Supreme collaboration sneakers might look if he got any creative input.

His designs include a revamped Air Max 97, a Vapormax and an Air Force 1. All are iconic Nike models but tricked out in recognizable Supreme emblems and motifs.

This guy clearly knows his stuff.

Which concept kick do you like best?

h/t Highsnobiety