Let This Norwegian Man Show You Exactly How to Live Like the Lord of Winter

Here’s how to get that look.

Let’s face it: Winter is garbage. Once the festiveness of the holidays has died away, the winter months become a long, desolate slog toward spring. All we can do is bundle up and hope for the best.

Unless you’re Trym Nordgaard, in which case you make winter your bitch:


Our friends at the Daily Dot tipped us off to this suave-ass Norwegian dude having just a delightful morning coffee and read as he slides down a snow-covered mountain. Java in one hand, book in the other, Nordgaard’s robed entreaty to the camera is the most elegant thing I’ve seen today. Damn, it does feel good to be a gangster. 

The next time we’re piling on the layers, perhaps we’ll go with the robe and slide our way to work instead.

Get that look:

Pants: Men’s Selvedge slim fit jeans, Uniqlo
Sweater: Black rib knit sweater, Zara
Robe: Men’s 15oz fleece bathrobe, Alexander del Rossa
Mug:  White porcelain 17oz latte mug, BIA Cordon Bleu
Book: ‘Purity’ by Jonathan Franzen, assuming you’re dead inside.
Shoes: Something warm. I mean, c’mon.