Oliver Sweeney Sneakers Are Like If Rolls-Royce Made a Sportscar

The deluxe cobblers are releasing a new line of leather trainers.

Though it’s a relative youngster in the shoe business (John Lobb started its operation in 1849), 25 year-old shoemaker Oliver Sweeney works near the top of the industry. Its hides are solid, its soles are sturdy, and you haven’t known luxury until you’ve gazed into the scores-deep finish of an oxblood Oliver Sweeney brogue. Splendidly for fans of absurd quality and street style, Oliver Sweeney is releasing a brand new line of leather trainers for Fall/Winter 2015. Made right alongside the company’s dress shoes in Italy, the chukka, low-, and hi-tops push sport-casual shoes into supremely elegant territory. Even with classic sneaker signifiers like the thick white rubber soles, these shoes read unequivocally high-end—the hand-brushed leather uppers belong in a frame.

[Get these high-low objets d’art at https://www.oliversweeney.com/]

Photos by Oliver Sweeney