The Olsen Twins Just Released A Luxury Menswear Collection

Cashmere sweatpants, anyone?
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We all know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, a.k.a. The Olsen twins, as established child actors-turned socialites-turned fashion designers.

Their fashion label, The Row, used to have only women’s clothing, but guess what? they just released a men’s line and it is nice. As their character Michelle on Full House might say, "You got it, dudes!"

The Row’s first men’s collection has 38 high-end pieces, with jeans, sweaters, shirts, jackets, sweatpants, accessories like sunglasses and cardholders, and lots of cashmere.

Black Oscar Cashmere Blazer - $3,850

Black Oscar Cashmere Blazer - $3,850

Even the sweatpants are cashmere.

James Suede Bomber Jacket - $5,250

James Suede Bomber Jacket - $5,250

Each piece in the collection is super minimalist and has clean cuts for a polished look.


The description reads:

The Row spent two years researching and wear-testing before launching its much-anticipated menswear collection. The minimalist label borrows its name from London’s tailoring hub, and is known for impeccable fabrics and clean cuts.


Are you feeling the Olsen twins' stab at high-end menswear? Check out the collection on Mr. Porter

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