Omega & Swatch Give Iconic Moonwatch A Surprisingly Affordable Makeover

Instead of spending thousands on an Omega Moonwatch, you can now cop a “MoonSwatch” for just $260.

Swatch is bringing the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch’s prohibitive prices back down to Earth.

The “MoonSwatch” is a much more affordable take on Omega’s spacewalking timepiece collection, an early reference of which was worn by Apollo 11 astronauts who first landed on the Moon in 1969.


Instead of stainless steel, the construction employs Swatch’s Bioceramic—a mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third castor-oil derived materials.

While powered by a quartz and battery instead of a manual-winding movement, the core Moonwatch design cues are all there, including the asymmetrical 42mm case, tachymeter scale with a “dot-over-90” bezel, and the subdials. A co-branded strap made of Velcro—the same sticky fabric used in spacesuits—also replaces flashy steel bracelets.


The MoonSwatch also has fun with color schemes in ways that may seem unbecoming of the famously luxe Moonwatch.

The “Mission to Neptune” uses a deep blue with white hands to honor the ice giant, while “Mission to Mars” employs fiery red lugs and “Alaska Project” hands inspired by those of the extreme 2008 Omega prototype. There’s even a striking “Mission to the Sun” version, which shimmers in a yellow-gold finish.


Priced at just $260, the MoonSwatch costs a fraction of the cheapest Omega Moonwatch Professional listed for $5,250—and some new Omega Moonwatches can go for upwards of $45,000.

Finding a MoonSwatch might be another matter, as they’ll be available exclusively in brick-and-mortar Swatch stores beginning Saturday, March 26.