OMEGA Updates Iconic Speedmaster Line With First Watch of 2022

The Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 Canopus Gold is an $81,000 collector’s timepiece.


If starting 2022 in luxurious fashion is something you’ve got on your mind, then the new OMEGA Speedmaster is just what your well-curated wrist game needs.

The Speedmaster itself goes back 65 years, and if ever it were possible to honor an already iconic watch, then the Speedmaster Calibre 321 Canopus Gold might just be the perfect timepiece to kick off a new era.

OMEGA consistently updates its Speedmaster line of watches with jaw-dropping bells and whistles, technological innovation and stunning specifications — the Speedmaster was worn during America’s first spacewalk in the 1960s (using the Calibre 321 movement), so that’s a high bar to clear.

Since being brought back into production in 2019, the movement’s allure has only grown.


OMEGA’s lofty status as the official timekeeper of the Olympics Games is also a nod to its precision and history, and you’re getting it all wrapped into one highly covetable timepiece with the Speedmaster Calibre 321.

Speedmaster watches were put through grueling tests by NASA decades ago, and even Speedmaster watches worn by stylish earthbound gentlemen are now collector’s items.

Complete with an 18-karat gold case (and a suitably dressy 38.6mm case diameter), this latest Speedmaster is no different. It’s a nod to the first Speedmaster model ever created by the brand in 1957, the CK2915-1.

Even the watch hands are fashioned from 18-karat gold, with indexes featuring an incredibly detailed Canopus Gold PVD treatment.

And the bracelet itself is also made from beautiful Canopus Gold alloy, sure to age like no other watch (if you’re ever tempted to wear it rather than admire it, that is).

The material used to craft the stunning watch case is also one-of-a-kind, fashioned from OMEGA’s proprietary white gold alloy. For exacting timekeeping as per OMEGA’s illustrious history and precise design approach, the Speedmaster Calibre 321 Canopus Gold features a trio of classic sub-dials.

In a nod to the past, even the richly crafted deep black onyx dial features a vintage OMEGA logo and oval “O” typography. To call this watch collector’s-worthy doesnt’ do it justice: It’s truly an heirloom of the highest order.

You’ll have to join the waiting list to secure your piece of history: At $81,000, this is a newly iconic watch that’s worth the wait (and the investment-level price tag).

Updates like this one don’t come around very often as far as a timeless model like the Speedmaster is concerned, so we’d recommend adding this timepiece to your wish list.