'On The Rocks' is a Stunning Beach House Perched High Above The Pacific Coast

California dreaming.
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Architect David Tajchman’s “On The Rocks” residence is a striking concept home that's been commissioned to be built in an undisclosed location on the coast of the Pacific ocean.


The 400 square meter home is perched high above the Pacific ocean with a curved circular design that’s built along the natural groove of the landscape for unobstructed views, and the entirety of the wall facing the water is made of panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.


The roof is designed to represent the motions of the tide with ripples and patterns, and loops down around the middle of the house in the back.


The roof also dips down into an overhang at the front of the house at the entrance to provide shade for the owner’s car, and simultaneously creates a stunning introduction for the oceanside property.

Inside, the circular layout creates a fluid space that also represents the fluidity of the water below, and the endless amounts of natural light from the massive windows combined with the contemporary decor make for one truly gorgeous beachside house.


You can learn more about On the Rocks right here.