Outfitted: Blake Anderson

The star of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” also has a clothing line. Go figure.

Blake Anderson is a lucky guy. After a few comedy roles on TV, the California native finally landed on something that worked. “If I wasn’t acting, I’d be delivering pizzas,” Anderson says. “But hopefully by now I’d be doing it on a bike in Vietnam with a full neck beard.”

His 2006 sketch comedy group, “Mail Order Comedy,” was just a snippet leading up to his extremely successful Comedy Central series, “Workaholics,” going strong since 2011. When Blake’s not busy wearing his “big dick jeans,” his time and effort is put into TEENAGE, a quirky clothing line he created with his wife, Steak. Blake’s a man of many talents.

America’s favorite funny man told Maxim all about denim jackets, what to do with some spare time, and his only true friend (that would be beer).