Outfitted: Bobby Campo

The Scream star talks his new TV role, perfect suits, and having Ronda Rousey on the brain. 

Bobby Campo knew he wasn’t meant to follow the family business. After years of monotonous work painting houses, the aspiring actor set his sights on Hollywood in order to find a more meaningful career path in his life. “I took an acting class on the side almost as a fluke,” he told Maxim. “I got to explore sides of myself I didn’t even know existed.” 

Certain that acting was the ultimate gig for him, Bobby dove headfirst into the industry, leading 2009’s anxiety-inducing fourth installment to the The Final Destination series, as well as nabbing notable roles on Being Human, Justified, and Masters of Sex

It was his work on the latter that caught the eye of casting directors Eric Souliere and Sara Isaacson, ultimately leading to his latest role as English teacher Mr. Branson on the surprise summer series hit, Scream. “They have a tradition of making a list of actors they’d like to cast at the beginning of each year, and they saw my work on Masters of Sex and put me on that list,” he told Maxim. “I can tell you it’s usually not that easy.”

With the show roughly based off the ’96 slasher film of the same name, the location may have changed but the death count has certainly stayed the same. Bobby finds himself entangled in the new murder mystery fairly early on, joining a prematurely developed suspect list after getting ‘involved’ with one of his students. Still, his work as the subtly creepy high school professor is easily a highlight of the show, and with a season two to premiere next summer, we’re sure there will be more of Mr. Branson to come.

“”Caveman created fire, fire casts shadows, and shadows create fear;” that was my character’s first line of the show. What a simple way to capture such a complex history. To get to play a teacher week after week that sheds light on society by combining classics with current trends, and yet is completely destructive in his personal life — that’s what drew me in. Plus Mr. Branson is sexy. What’s not to love?”   

Bobby got the chance to talk with Maxim about owning a good suit, the best place in the country, and why Ronda Rousey deserves a Hot 100 spot. 

There’s a lot of down time and waiting in my line of work; I like to have a book with me wherever I go.  I just finished ‘The Book of Five Rings’ by Minamoto Musashi.  I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to master any skill in their life — including the skill of living. I personally used it to enhance video game ferocity.  

A favorite curse word of minewould have to be ‘titty-fuck.’ Why? ‘Cause titty-fuck.  

My grey three-piece Di Stefano suit is a go-to clothing item of mine. It’s very versatile.  Plus, I married my wife in it.  

I feel so fortunate to live in Venice Beach, one of the coolest places in the country and its so full of history, life, and creative energy, so I usually don’t stray too far from home. The beach is 100 yards away so sometimes I’ll take a quick dip in the ocean, and there’s a great coffee shop where I like to play chess.  

Every man deserves to walk into a room with a suit that fits like a glove. It’s a modern-day coat of armor. I call it the “strong suit.”   

I like to be comfortable and I like to feel good. If it happens to be “in,” great; if not — even better.  I do have to say I’m glad we’re moving out of the skinny jean phase. 

My favorite pair of khakis recently ripped so I cut them into shorts and wear them way too often. Does that mean I’m overdue for a shopping trip? Suggestions are welcome.  

I know Maxim needs 100 girls for their list but there’s really only two in my mind: Miley Cyrus and Ronda Rousey ’cause they ain’t no “do-nothing-bitches.”

As for what’s next, I’ll let you know when I do. Of course, there’s season 2 of Scream to look forward to! 

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