Outfitted: Chandler Parsons

The Dallas Mavericks’ small forward is an expert at making big moves. 

Chandler Parsons was destined to ball. The tower of a man (coming in at an impressive 6’10) has been around basketball all his life, and has the family tree to prove it.

“I have three older brothers who got me involved from a young age,” he told Maxim. “Not many people realize this, but my grandfather was drafted by the Knicks and my father was a very good college player.”

The Florida native is no stranger to hearing the words ‘all-state’ and ‘MVP,’ racking up an impressive set of accolades with the Florida Gators before getting selected by the Houston Rockets in the 2011 NBA Draft. After three years and a couple hundred points, Parsons shifted over to the Dallas Mavericks.

When he’s not on the court, Parsons likes to put his Communications degree to good use. “I’d like to think I could go into acting or broadcasting, but I’m also interested in the business of fashion,” he told Maxim. “I’ve enjoyed working with designers to create what I would like to wear. I currently have my own shoes with Del Toro, socks with Stance and underwear line with PSD. Who knows? Maybe I could become an editor with Maxim someday.”

There’s a desk waiting for you whenever you want, Chandler.

With some time off the court, Chandler told Maxim about how to impress women, his favorite fashion lines, and life after basketball.

My favorite items are my new signature shoes with Del Toro. I have 5 new silhouettes debuting at Saks Fifth Avenue this holiday season. I also love everything Fear of God.  I am really looking forward to the denim from them. Off the court,  I’m chilling in everything Cotton Citizen

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It’s my job to stay in shape, so working out is a big part of my life. Being fit, eating healthy and staying away from lots of desserts makes me a better basketball player. The benefit is I feel better off of the court, too.

I’ve noticed what guys like David Beckham and Ronaldo are doing. They have transcended soccer to become fashion icons, and that’s something I like to think I can achieve. I learned from them that fitted and bespoke clothes are always best.   

My teenage years were kind of rough. I had no idea what I was doing. Growing up in Florida, I was always in baggy basketball shorts and big t-shirts even when I wasn’t on the court. It didn’t matter where I was going or why, I was also normally wearing flip flops. I have to say that my biggest area of improvement has got to be my hair. I am not proud of my frosted tips.

Every guy should have one good dark-colored suit that fits and they are confident wearing to an interview or nice event. You can’t go wrong when you look good in a suit.

If you’re trying to impress a girl on a date, the outfit depends on where you’re taking them. If I am going to dinner, I would wear a well-fitting pair of jeans, a collared shirt, nice watch and a good pair of leather or suede shoes. If we are going to an event, I may wear a jacket and no tie. I think if you are confident, polite and have good manners, chances are your date will go well no matter what you are wearing.

If I am in Los Angeles, I try to hit the beach when I get a break. I like to check out the surf and relax. At home in Orlando, I would probably head to my parent’s house for a BBQ. I don’t get to see my family as often as I like so when I am in town, I try to see them as much as I can.If I am in Dallas and I have already worked out for the day, I may watch a movie and chill out at my place.

The more and more I get into fashion the more great and talented people I meet. I am always looking for new stuff and keep up with what my friends are doing. Chris Bevans is a guy who has been behind the scenes on a lot of great stuff over the years and he’s about to drop his own line.  He let me check out his work and will send some over before everyone else gets it. I sample from a lot of people and if I am ever in a jam you can’t go wrong with walking into Saks or Barney’s.

After for what’s next, I’d definitely consider some broadcasting, acting, fashion. I would also like to stay in basketball and potentially do front office/GM. I love the idea of building a great team and winning a championship.