Outfitted: Curtis Granderson

The three-time MLB All-Star is always ready for an adventure.

Curtis Granderson can cover a lot of ground. The Chicago native spent 4 years in charge at the University Of Illinois-Chicago, earning him a college degree and a well-deserved spot in the 2002 MLB Draft. After starting out with the Detroit Tigers, the professional lefty outfielder switched allegiances to the New York Mets after a contract with the Yankees ended in 2013. Since then, he’s continued to boost his career stats with each time at-bat.

If you’ve been following the Mets’ path to the playoffs this baseball season, it’s clear that Curtis is vital asset to the team. His consistent swings, along with the stellar work from the Mets bullpen, has allowed to the team to keep a consistent lead in the NL East Division. With only a few more weeks to go, we have our eyes locked on #3 to see if his next couple games will take the New York Mets to well-deserved victory.

In between the busy season, Maxim spoke to Curtis about why you should always carry your passport, some important style tips, and where he’s hoping to spend his next vacation.

If I wasn’t playing professional sports, I’d want to get involved in the education field. I’ve always wanted to work with college student athletes.

I always carry my phone, wallet, backpack and passport. You never know where you might have to go.

For a first date, make sure you have clean shoeand you’re wearing a little cologne. Not too much though, it has to be just enough she can smell when she hugs you.

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Every guy has to own a good suit for when you need to dress up. You have to dress to impress, you know?

Australia is definitely on my list on places to go for vacation when I have a little downtime.

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I’ve learned that it’s always important to match your beltwith your shoes. Black belt, black shoes. Brown belt, brown shoes. Plus, don’t forget to care for your hands. Ashy knuckles are a no no.

To keep myself looking good, I use Dove Men Care, face wash and moisturizer, Jack Black Hand Healer and body lotion. It has to have a nice scent to it. I also try to get a haircut every 1-2 weeks.

There’s only about 40 current MLB guys with a college degree, so I consider mine to be a definite prized possession. 

Rashida Jones should be on the Maxim Hot 100 – she’s my celebrity crush.

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As for what’s next, hopefully you’ll see us in the playoffs. After this season, I hope for many more to come.

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