Outfitted: Jack Falahee

The 25-year old Michigan kid with big dreams knows how to impress.

Jack Falahee never planned to act, but he’s a loyal guy and, after a friend passed away, he took his place in a production at his alma mater. It was an act of mourning, but also a revelation. He pursued a BFA from NYU and started grabbing bit roles out of college. His goal was to be a working actor and – as of this year – that’s exactly what he’s become.

“You can never forecast how huge of a hit a show will become,” Jack says and he knows from experience. How to Get Away with Murder, a show where he plays one of five law students caught up in a murder investigation under the guidance of their law professor, is a smash success. Under production with ShondaRhimes, HTGAWMhas received over-the-top reviews with over 10 million viewers per episode. That means that Jack is living the good life.

He gave Maxim some tips on buying the perfect leather jacket, the success of HTGAWM, and drinkin’ a little bourbon.