Outfitted: Jason Isaacs

The English actor is making quite a name for himself stateside.

Jason Isaacs will never be bored. After studying law at Bristol University, the England native drifted over to the drama world where he ultimately began a career in theater.

“In my fantasies, I’d be a cancer-curing, neo-nazi-battling eco-warrior, but I did a law degree and many of my fellow graduates were recruited into the newly deregulated financial world,” he says. “If I had my way, I’d probably either be lying or stealing money.”

With his acting resume just beginning to flourish, it was a breakout role in “The Patriot” that really brought some attention his way. If for whatever reason you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen the 2000 American historical film (go watch it now), you probably recognize Jason from the box-office breaking “Harry Potter” films as Lucius Malfoy, father to Draco and thorn in Harry Potter’s side.

Since then, he’s traded in his wand for a gun as FBI Agent Peter Connelly on USA’s “DIG“. His growing fan base has clearly carried over, with the show garnering millions of viewers, with very positive reviews to support it. With his talents continuing to impress, we can make a safe bet that Jason Isaacs isn’t going anywhere just yet.

We dug up some dirt as we spoke with Jason about being fond of basic tees, everyday essential items, and how to properly impress a lady.

Gotta love saying ‘fuck’ but nice and slow; a leak of air for a long, splashy ‘f’ and almost a bark heading for the explosive and percussive ‘uck’. It can be an expletive, an expression of admiration, of grudging acceptance, in fact, it’s like vocal manna from heaven; it can be anything you want it to.

I have a cupboard full of seemingly identical black t-shirts but there are favorites and the ones that are absolutely for fall-back only. I wear them almost every day because I think so carefully about what my characters wear, what it communicates about them, the life they’ve lived, the choices they’ve made, how they’re hoping to be perceived etc., that, off duty, I like to be a blank slate. Plus, I normally have three minutes between my alarm clock and leaving the house in the mornings.

Nowadays my go-to drink is Perrier. I could tell you why but it’d be a long story to the backdrop of the “Jaws” theme.

Only after university and drama school, when I stopped trying to make a statement and started trying not to, did I find out how I was meant to dress.

A baseball bat and a golf club are key items in every guy’s wardrobe. Just in case someone breaks into your bedroom and you have to take them out without risking prison.

Trying to impress a woman? Not a leather jacket, not sunglasses, not an expensive watch. Not women’s underwear. Don’t unbutton the shirt too much. Wear socks. Smile. No, not that much, you look like a psychopath.

If I’m looking for new clothes, I usually find them on the wardrobe truck or in my trailer. I never shop for clothes, I steal/borrow/gratefully accept them.

In terms of grooming, I’m often found sticking toilet paper all over my face because my wife has secretly been using the razor to shave her legs, then hiding it back in the drawer as if it didn’t happen. That’s proper cold-war spycraft. The downstairs department is shaved as the apple logo. I’m looking for sponsorship.

As for what’s next, we’ve only just finished shooting and putting the final touches to “DIG,” for which I’m still in full publicity mode. It took me all over the world for the best part of a year and I need to hang out with my kids and help my wife out for a while. Then, when everyone’s sick of me at home (I give it a week), I’ll go and pretend to be someone more interesting again.

Photos by Daniel Smith/Getty Images