Outfitted: Kyle Harris

This Cali native has learned all the rules to surviving life in the Big Apple.

Kyle Harris has always been a leading man. This fresh face kicked off his career in the theater world, with a leading role as Tony in the national tour of West Side Story. Once he really began tapping into his hidden talent, the multi-talented actor turned his sights on television, and found himself landing bit roles on CW’s The Carrie Diaries and Beauty and the Beast. Now, you can catch Kyle as the scene-stealing neuroscientist, Cameron, on ABC’s Family new sci-fi show, Stitchers, which was just picked up for its second season. There’s plenty of promise for this young actor…plus anyone who has creepily similar features to The O.C’s very own Seth Cohen is bound to make it in the biz.

Kyle chatted with Maxim on a man’s essential items, impressing women the right way, and how to complete your overall look.

Aside from my brain surgery kit, I usually carry Natural Mint Jack Black Lip Balm, a Belkin phone case for that extra iPhone battery life and my Mod Tablet 2 designed by This Is Ground to carry my iPad. These are all  life essentials one would need for a day out and about in New York City.

My favorite curse word has to be ‘ducking.’ I’ve given up on auto correct. 

Growing up in Southern California, it was a lot of graphic tees and rainbow sandals. I was once hired at a Hollister to be one of those shirtless douche greeters until they realized my pale, scrawny ass was actually blinding and turning people away. I was quickly moved out of site to the back stock room. Nowadays, it’s all based around whatever season it happens to be in New York. As of now, it’s an All Saints Cigarette skinny fit jean and an Alternative brand t-shirt kinda day.

I’ll drink anything with a tiny umbrella. But more often than not, I can always go for a Lagunitas IPA.

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Every guy has got to own a pair of suspenders. Everyone likes a little suspense.

I live right next to Central Park which is a great spot for a blanket, your dog and some food. But sometimes I make the choice not to do anything…THAT’s freedom! (It works for me and the U.S. Congress.)

On that first date, make sure you’re wearing cologne, but not too much. Nobody likes that guy. I’m a fan of Tom Ford Black Orchid.  I’d like to think a woman would be more attracted to the scent of a man rather than his fancy watch or shoes. Cologne or a cape made of a million dollar bills.

I have a whole lot of hair that I gotta tame. On set, we discovered Magic Move Hard works best to maintain the mane of curls on my head. I also use a Clarisonic and Jack Black cleansing face wash. And to complete my trifecta and attempt at looking youthful, any kind of Kiehls skin products seems to do the trick.

As for what’s next, hopefully a job…but probably dinner.

Photos by Zack DeZon