Outfitted: Mitch Coleborn

This Aussie native is making waves all across the globe.

Mitch Coleborn was born to be in the water. Known for conquering all waves as they come, the 28-year old pro-surfer is one of the sport’s most prolific athletes. Mitch’s strength and style has been captured in several clips and films, making him one of the most sought out surfers to put in front of the camera. With his sights set on competing in the WSL World Championship Tour, he’s honing up on his elite set of skills to dominate in the surfing world. With victories in the Quicksilver Saquarema Pro, as well as the Volcom Fiji Pro against champ Kelly Slater, we see great things coming Mitch’s way.

With some time off his board, Mitch told Maxim about the importance of owning an axe, what to wear on a first date, and what’s next for his surfing career.

Advanced apologies for anyone offended, but ‘cunt’ is my favorite curse word for sure [laughs]. I know it’s kind of extreme for most folks but it’s barely even a curse word in Australia. People here actually use it to describe most things.

I mainly just stick to drinking beer most of the time. Pacifico would have to be my all time favorite though!

The Volcom Vorta Jean is a definite staple in my wardrobe. It is the perfect slim fit with just enough room in the waist and thigh area so I can wear them for most things. They were designed to be functional and comfortable which is what I need from denim.

Every guy has to own an axe or a shovel, manly things like that. Being able to do work around the house yourself is so rewarding. Unless you live in an apartment then you’re off the hook.

I don’t really shop much. I would way rather spend my money on traveling, nice food and stuff like that. But when I do get clothes, it’s usually boardshorts from the Volcom store. Luckily the boys keep me pretty set with gear so they do the shopping for me [laughs].

Guys should just wear whatever they would normally wear on a first date. The last thing I want to is have to worry about what I’m wearing.

Sienna Miller.. she has to be on the Maxim Hot 100.

As for what’s next, Volcom’s newest surf film, Psychic Migrations, is coming in September. Really excited to get it out there and think folks will be blown away. We’ve been filming all over the world and have some pretty radical shots in there that both surfers and non-surfers will enjoy.

Photos by Tom Carey