Outfitted: Mo McRae

This LA native was destined for greatness — all he needed was a push in the right direction.

Acting wasn’t always on Mo McRae‘s radar. After dreams of joining the NBA seemed less and less likely, McRae found solace in an unexpected place. His raw talent and undeniable knack for high school theater motivated him to forget the nerdy stigma and pursue a full-time career in the craft. Though he was unable to journey across the country in search of his next big role, the up-and-comer was discovered by an agent and soon became big man on campus. Following his impressive stint on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, McRae is keeping it up as the King of the San Fran streets on TNT’s Murder in the First. With a growing resume of over 30 roles in both television and film, it seems like there’s nothing this man can’t do. 

Mo told Maxim all about his fashion inspirations, what to wear on the first date, and how he got his scar.

My favorite curse word is definitely ‘motherfucka,’ yes with all the A’s. It works in every way I need it to. 

You’ll always spot me wearing one of my favorite jean jackets, it makes me feel timeless. 

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When I was a teenager, I wore oversized stuff. Now, I have a little more European inspiration in the fit now.

Every guy has to own a suit. The right suit will give you a respectable look during the day and at night. On a date, wear that suit, but with no tie, a lapel pin, nice shoes, and some good cologne. 

If there’s anywhere overseas that I could travel for some downtime, it would have to be Dubai.

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I have a scar on my left cheekbone came from a car accident. I was driving an 88 Camaro and it ended up spinning around on the freeway, looking like a crushed soda can afterwards. I didn’t know how bad it was until the next day, but I walked away with 6 stitches. Made me feel pretty blessed to be here with my scar. 

I usually groom pretty often. Tend Skin as an after shave and Shea butter are my go-to’s.

I’d like to seeEmmanuelle Chriqui on the Maxim Hot 100.

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As for what’s next, I’m really excited about the release of a short film I just directed for Hopsin. Also I have a movie coming out later this year, November Rule. And beyond that, more happiness, and more appreciation. 

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