Outfitted: Patrick Janelle

This popular lifestyle guru knows just how to keep NYC natives on their toes.

Patrick Janelle has always aimed to please. Though he originally hails from Colorado, this graphic designer-turned-Manhattan socialite knew just how to handle ‘the city that never sleeps.’ “It was the city’s lifestyle of creativity, business, and leisure that captivated me,” he says. “And during the decade between college and living in NYC, I would always keep tabs on life in the city from afar so I was perfectly set up to integrate into the city when I landed there.”

When the avid Instagrammer isn’t refreshing his feed, he’s planning a new soiree at Spring Street Social Society, a group he founded with friend Amy Buchanan where patrons never know what to expect. “The venue could be an empty bank, a townhouse in the West Village, or a raw space in midtown. We don’t announce the location until the day of the gathering, which keeps guests open and ready for what we have in store. But I guess you can count on a few things: amazing food, unexpected performances, and lots of cocktails.”

Patrick drew inspiration from his former apartment in the bustling SoHo neighborhood and combined that with Manhattan’s infectious vibe. More recently, he lent his expertise over to the guys at Stella Artois, contributing to their ‘A-Z Guide to Host Beautifully’ for those looking to elevate their entertaining skills. Representing the letter ‘U’ for ‘Unexpected’, he believes “the greatest experiences come about when we push ourselves” and that “we should never settle for what we know because it’s easy.”

Aside from those great words of wisdom, Patrick told Maxim more on what every man should own, the importance of small boutiques, and how to feed off Manhattan.

I’ll admit, I like to punctuate my phrases with “fucking” to underscore a point. Especially if I’m speaking in public, when used sparsely, it can have a satisfying impact (sorry Mom).

I’ve had a jacket from my grandfather altered to fit me, and I keep a floral, 70s, spread-collar shirt that my dad wore on his honeymoon. I don’t wear them often, but I love having pieces that had a life before me, especially with people I care about.

When deciding what to drink, it totally depends on my mood. I love wine with a really good meal, beer on a hot day or after a bike ride, and liquor in the times in between. My go-to cocktails are a Manhattan with rye or a Gin Martini with a twist, One reason I started the company The Liquor Cabinet with my brothers is to educate myself more on options when ordering at the bar or drinking at home.

Every man should own two things: an unstructured sport coat and a good swimsuit. A sport coat is so versatile, and you can wear it easily throughout seasons. It’s also a look that is less appreciated now than it was fifty years ago but still just as relevant. And as a traveler, I never leave home for the weekend without a swimsuit. You never know when you’ll have a chance to go for a dip.

I tend to go for small boutiques rather than department stores. A few recent favorites: Ami for button downs, Kitsuné for a fun suit, 3×1 for denim, Club Monaco or J Crew to pack a punch with my wallet, and Dover Street Market for inspiration.

The real reason I have a beard or scruff is because I’m too lazy to take care of facial hair on a daily basis. So I’ll usually trim my beard once a week or so, always leaving a little scruff, lest I look like I’m 21 (I’m 33). Other than that, I keep things pretty natural. I get a haircut about once a month. I change things up and will rotate between Harry’s Barber Shop, Kiehl’s, and a little barber shop on 9th Street in the East Village.

I didn’t see Jessica Chastain on the Maxim Hot 100, but I think she should be there. I have had a life as a performer, so I appreciate an honest and beautiful actor, and she is both. Plus, I have a thing for redheads.

As for what’s next, I’m working on building both Spring Street Social Society and The Liquor Cabinet. I just came on board the magazine At Large as Associate Lifestyle Editor, and I’m also looking into some potential book and TV opportunities. But first, I’m going to spend a few weeks in my new NYC apartment without going anywhere.

Photos by Michael George