Outfitted: Rick Cosnett

He’s from Africa and Australia and is headed toward the A-list.

Rick Cosnett, the Zimbabwe-born, Australia-raised, Los Angeles-based actor, didn’t decide to try his luck in front of the camera until the ripe age of 27. That’s why he’s so certain he’s doing the right thing: He’s done other things.

“There’s this magic that happens when I’m acting that I’ve always loved,” he says. “I think the timing was right, and I was prepared for all these weird and wonderful things to happen.”

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With a few bit roles under his belt in both television and film, Rick was lucky enough to land the life-changing role of Eddie Thawne on CW’s hit series, The Flash. As a character with great history in the comic book world, Thawne gave Rick a lot to work with. “He’s such a great counter-point to Barry,” the actor says, “and you want to hate him but you just can’t.”

For someone who is playing opposite of the ‘fastest man alive’, Rick has kept up. He talked to MAXIM about his clean look, his favorite drink, and a girl named Candice.