Outfitted: Ryan Guzman

When he’s not freaking JLo out, he’s a fighter.

Ryan Guzman got into acting by chance. After the 27-year old Texas native came out to L.A. to pursue fame as an MMA fighter, a few commercial gigs swayed him to step out of the ring and in front of the camera. He secured the lead in Step Up: Revolution, did some spin moves but never turned back.

“I wasn’t a dancer so I would practice nine hours a day, every single day,” he said. “It was really intense, but it taught me that I could push through it and I was up for the task.”

If dance flicks aren’t your thing, you might recognize him as the over-obsessed teen who charms “Jenny from the Block” into bed in The Boy Next Door. Ryan was stoked to the play the character, channeling his 19-year-old brother to revitalize his teenage years, plus reading up on the most well-known killers of our time. It doesn’t bother us that the film garnered mediocre reviews – we’re just wondering if he could teach us how to work that charm in real life.

Ryan told MAXIM all about his love for MLB, straying away from saggy jeans, and getting the most from the industry.