Scott Campbell On Tattoos, Personal Style and His New Hennessy Collaboration

The acclaimed artist and husband of Lake Bell is now designing cognac bottles.

Scott Campbell is more than just a famed tattoo artist and husband of gorgeous former Maxim cover model Lake Bell—the Louisiana native has added Cognac label designer to his resume. 

While Scott keeps himself busy at Saved, his Brooklyn tattoo shop (and prepares for the opening of his ink parlor in downtown L.A.), he found time to collaborate with Hennessy for a once-in-a-lifetime creation. While developing his design and concept for this year’s Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Bottle, it was the differences he found between himself and the brand that led to a natural creative flow. 

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“To be honest, my world and Hennessy’s – a 250-plus year old French brand – are pretty different – almost opposite; however, I do think the most interesting collaborations are between two entities that hail from different cultures,” he said. “If we were the same, with similar thinking, the result wouldn’t be nearly as unexpected.”

Scott’s emotional connection to his work, combined with the natural forces that heavily influence Hennessy’s production, have allowed him to create something that Cognac collectors and tattoo fans alike will want to add to their shelves. And how does this longtime tattoo artist hope people will respond to his latest work? 

“I think it’s important for any artist to be as ignorant of his audience as possible in order to not let expectations guide them. Meaning, I haven’t really thought about it just yet!”

Scott spoke with Maxim about art, style, and his favorite Slayer song.

What do you consider to be a successful piece of art?
I think that any good tattoo or piece of artwork should at least 90% emotional & 10% aesthetic.

What’s your favorite item of clothing – and what makes it significant to you?
Does my wedding ring count?

Sure, that works. What is one item that every guy must have in his wardrobe, and why?
Your house keys (for obvious reasons)!

You’re on a 10 hour flight – who do you want sitting next to you?
Probably someone with a parachute.

How would you define your personal style?
I think that would be a question for someone (anyone) other than myself; the way I draw is just intuitive – which is the way that I see things overall. I think it would be a critic’s place to describe how my style compares to anything else.

What’s your favorite tattoo?
Nova on my neck – my daughter’s name.

You’re about to get in a fight – what song comes on as part of your personal soundtrack?
Slayer’s “Reign in Blood.”

What’s a typical outfit that you’d wear every day?
My typical dress generally includes either a t-shirt & jeans OR a suit, depending on the occasion; there’s not much in between.

What are two things you don’t know how to do that you probably should?
Understanding how to do my taxes and politics.

So what’s next for you?
I am incredibly grateful to be in a position where I have the means and the support to bring my creative ideas to fruition, something I’d like to hold onto for as long as I can. I also would never want to get a job.

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