Outfitted: Scott Michael Foster

The ubiquitous star is proving himself a vital asset to the television industry. 

Scott Michael Foster has a penchant for escaping the Reaper — on TV, that is. Dubbed "The Man Who Never Dies," the talented performer left such a lasting impression with audiences during his Greek days that his recent job set cliffhangers aside with him in mind. With a constantly growing resume, including roles on Once Upon a Time, Halt and Catch Fire, and Californication, the creator of ABC Family's Chasing Life has accepted that at some point, it would be Scott's time to bow out for bigger and better things.

Though active in both the television and film, his latest role as series regular on Blood & Oil has placed him opposite greats like Don Johnson, Chace Crawford, and Miranda Rae Mayo. America should prepare to watch Foster get his hands a little bit dirty. 

The breakout actor told Maxim all about owning a good belt, keeping yourself in check, and what's next. 

At all times, I carry my iPhone, sun glasses, wallet, watch, some cash, keys and lip balm. Lip balm is necessary. 

I probably drop the "F" bomb more than I should... But it just feels so right! I also read that people who curse more are smarter. I don't care if it isn't true, I still believe it. 

My moto jacket is probably my favorite clothing item that I own. It has dual purpose - Safety and style.

Every guy must own a good belt. There's nothing more damaging to a good outfit than a bad belt. 

With any downtime, I like to ride my motorcycle to a nice cafe or take my dogs on a hike. Basically just get outdoors and I'll be fine. 

I like to put about 12 different things in my hair before I spray it solid. I don't shave. Just trim the beard every week or so to keep it in check.

As for what's next, I'm working on ABC's "Blood and Oil" currently which premiered September 27th, and am always on the look out for future projects. 

Photos by Matt Clayton