Outfitted: Tommy Savas

If you’re going to work in the White House, you have to look the part.

After navigating an open casting call for The Sopranos, Tommy Savas, a 30-year old New York native, got his first taste at some real professional acting. That was it. He knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. It was unclear until last year whether or not that was actually going to happen. Then he nabbed a role as a CIA briefer on NBC’s star studded State of Affairs. Now he’s on your TV weekly and becoming a fan of the people who aren’t. 

“These analysts that everyone considers nerds at their desk do all this work to help protect their country,” he said. “They accomplish more than you know.”

Tommy gave Maxim some details on the best kind of jeans, a good glass of Sake, and why everyone should love Margot Robbie.

Photos by Bjoern Kommerell