Outfitted: Tristan Cameron-Harper

This international hockey star knows how to suit up. 

Tristan Cameron-Harper isn’t your typical athlete. The Scotland native had hockey integrated into his life early on, and signed his first professional contract with the NIHL (Netherlands Ice Hockey League) by the age of 18. “I was always a lover of hockey in general and over time I gradually got more hooked,” he says. “I think the fact that ‘The Mighty Ducks’ was a popular movie when was I was younger gave me more of a goal to make playing a dream come true.”

As of late, Tristan has been transitioning from A-list athlete to the next top model. “It’s only been in the past two years that I’ve signed with an agency, but I’ve focused a lot of time into modeling because I know ice hockey won’t be there forever.” Hockey is a pretty dangerous sport, with fists and teeth flying regularly, but Tristan’s not too worried about messing up his face. “Just go with the flow,” he says. “If it happens, it happens.” With a beard like his, I think he’s in the clear for any blows that come his way.

Tristan told Maxim about his favorite jacket, where to shop overseas, and his love for Hot 100 contender Felicity Jones.