Outfitted: Tyler Blackburn

He knows a thing or two about keeping secrets.

Tyler Blackburn is a man on the hunt for adventures. The 28-year old actor spread himself out all over the TV circuit, appearing on shows like Unfabulous, Cold Case, and Days of Our Lives. It was in 2010 that things were set for Tyler after ABC Family’s hit series Pretty Little Liars hit the ground running, now going on its 6th season. Even though he may play the bad boy with a soft side, the Burbank native is more a family man.

“My happiest place is the beach,” he says. “Whether I surf, paddle board, or just lay in the sand, I like life is that much more complete. I love taking my tribe (closest friends, family, and dog) to a private spot, and we run around like Lord of the Flies.”

With someone so busy, it’s a shock that Tyler even has time to soak up the sun. In between shooting season 6 of PLL, he’s been taking on new projects and new challenges, including indie flick Love is All You Need with Maxim Hot 10beauty, Briana Evigan.

In between filming (and hanging out with his gorgeous co-stars), Tyler told us about impressing women, the best leather jacket to have in your closet, and his love for Sienna Miller.

Although this is a bit difficult, I’ll land on a Panama hat as my favorite item of clothing because I wear more than I wear underwear. It can be worn casually or used to spruce up and already spiffy look. Plus, a good hat is very underrated. I said this to LeBron James once and he agreed.

If I’m feeling spicy and plan to get a little weird, I only drink tequila. I like to keep it simple with a Blanco tequila, a splash of soda, and either lime or orange. Also, a good jalapeño margarita, is never overlooked.

Funny enough, I won “Best Dressed” my senior year of high school. When I look back at pictures, I sometimes wonder “what the fuck?” My style was all over the place. But in retrospect, I often dressed with a certain persona in mind, which I’m sure had to do with my love of creating and ultimately, acting. So although my taste has become quite a bit different, I can appreciate what I was doing.

I think every man should have some type of leather jacket in his wardrobe. It can be casual or more stylized. And if taken care of can probably last more than a lifetime. Whether or not it will continue to fit is another story, but a good leather jacket hand-me-down is prime.

You should do you. If she doesn’t like you because of your outfit, she doesn’t deserve your time.

I have a scar on my left shoulder that’s about four inches long and fairly jagged. I used to tell people all kinds of stories, such as a shark attack, or a stab wound from my time on the mean streets of suburban Los Angeles. But the truth is that I had a benign bone tumor at the age of 10. I think I was trying to grow another arm so I could get more shit done.

The most important playing field for manscaping is the face. I use a tailored line up of products from Dr. Perricone twice a day. It has literally changed the texture of my skin. For hair, I use different products depending on what I’m trying to achieve and what I’m working with. My hair is so much better when it’s dirty. So if it’s clean, I like to make it dirty. I use Moroccan Oil, clay pomade by Crew, and a texturizing spray by Oribe. The texturizing spray is also good if your hair is already dirty. It almost acts as a dry shampoo.

Although I’ve always been a fan of her’s, I’m currently very transfixed by Sienna Miller. She is so beautiful and extremely talented. She can be sexual or heartbreakingly vulnerable. She comes across as confident and earthy. She reminds of my first crush as a kid, Michelle Pfiefer.