This Men’s Brand Has Your Wedding Season Woes Handled

Just in case you don’t want to buy a new suit.

Spring weather means warmer temperatures, girls in short skirts, cold beers and, inevitably, a ton of weddings. And though sidling up to some unsuspecting bridesmaid and getting hammered at the reception has always been a fun pastime, actually figuring out what to wear to your best friend’s sister’s wedding can be a bit of a drag. What’s more, it sometimes comes down to an outfit you might only wear once or twice in the year.

With that in mind, New York-based menswear brand Ovadia & Sons has teamed up with The Black Tux on a capsule collection that’ll keep you looking dapper this wedding season. 

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Centered around a relaxed, notch lapel tan suit and a double breasted black tuxedo — the latter for the more style savvy  — the range includes everything from cufflinks to knit ties.  Measure yourself, order a suit and seven days prior to the wedding they’ll send it to you. If something is wrong with the size, they’ll fix it

The best part? You don’t have to hold on to any of it. After the event is over, return the whole outfit via the free shipping.

Sure, that may mean you might not want to try out that split on the dance floor this year, but it’s definitely a preferable option to trying to figure out how you’re going to fit in the suit you bought three years and six sizes ago.