These Badass Camouflage Winter Boots Are Ready For The Urban Jungle

The impressively rugged kicks come in three different colors, to boot.


There are countless examples of street style and Army chic colliding on all those suddenly-trendy, military-inspired sneakers and boots. Still, a new model from Palladium are a sight for eyes sore from all the garish camo patterns we’ve seen in the past.

The new Pampa Sport Cuff boot keeps it refreshingly simple. The camo designs, printed on sturdy canvas and nylon, are actually quite close to what you’d see on a military boot. If classic Army Green is a bit too conspicuous for you, they’re also available in a desert-inspired tan and beige and a more subtle black and grey.

(Photo: Palladium)
(Photo: Palladium)

While you’ll look tough as nails, you’ll feel light on your feet due to the boot’s comfy sponge fillers and a molded footbed. 

Even with the ease of wear, the Pampa Sport Cuff goes for an entirely reasonable $85, and can be purchased at Palladium’s online store.

h/t Hi Consumption