This $100,000-a-Night 'Empathy Suite' in Las Vegas is The World's Most Expensive Hotel Room

The truly insane collab with famed artist Damien Hirst is the ultimate Sin City retreat.
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The brand-new Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is officially the most expensive hotel room in the world, going for an unheard-of $100,000 per night. 

Dining Room

The two-story, ultra-luxury suite was designed by bad boy artist Damien Hirst in collaboration with Bentel & Bentel, and is a dizzying spectacle of taxidermied sharks, pill cabinets full of diamonds, stunning views of the Vegas strip, and lots of butterfly motifs.

Balcony _ Pool

Spread out over a sprawling 9,000 square feet, the baller suite features six original works from Hirst, custom furniture and textiles with Hirst motifs, and gray marble accents, all encased in floor-to-ceiling windows to take in sky-high views of the Strip. 

Winner_Loser 2018

The curved 13-seat bar in the suite has Hirst's unmistakable ethos and is filled with artistically rendered medical "waste" like needles and gloves, two vitrines with a marlin skeleton and a taxidermied spear-snouted fish in a piece titled Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time. Displayed in the foyer wall is the piece Winner/Loser with two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. Just a little something to tie the room together.

Living Room (1)

The other four commissioned pieces are ten panels with butterfly motifs on glass-painted canvases called Casino Royale, a medicine cabinet titled Vegas (hint hint), another cabinet of cubic zirconia–shaped diamonds titled The Winner Takes All, and yet another cabinet in the dining room with lines of pills.

Vegas 2018

Out on the balcony, a pool overlooking the Strip is inlaid with butterfly mosaics, and the surrounding glass is adorned with pill decals.

Balcony _ Pool (1)

The bedrooms feature butterfly decals on the floor, walls, headboards, and textiles. 


The bathroom is decked out in gray marble, and the suite also has a Himalayan salt room which is decorated with butterflies and skulls that are engraved into the wall.


According to Vogue, the suite is called The Empathy Suite because Hirts wants guests “to feel empathy when you’re in it; empathy with all your friends wherever they are and whether you’re with them or not and to feel empathy when you’re spending the night with them in the suite and empathy with the whole world the morning after." 

Upstairs Living Room

As the most expensive in the world, the room is reserved for only the most valued high rollers, and includes luxe amenities like 24-hour butlers, chauffeured car service, and A-list access to on-site entertainment.

Game Room

The suite is part of the Palms' $690 million renovation, which has birthed other insane accommodations like The Kingpin Suite, a striking homage to the classic bowling Kingpin, as well The Hardwood Suite, featuring a full basketball court and enough murphy beds to host an entire NBA team's wildest after-party.

The Kingpin Suite

The Kingpin Suite

Part of the six newly renovated Sky Villas, The Empathy Suite has a two-night minimum that'll set you back $200,000. So if you're going all out in Vegas anyway, you might as well do it in a suite that basically doubles as be a private museum.

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