Persol Revamps Jude Law's 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' Sunglasses: Check Out The New Collection

Classic Italian shades upgraded with modern materials.
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jude law persols the talented mr. ripley

Persol has a rich tradition of plucking storied cinematic sunglasses from its archives and repackaging them for a modern audience. Shades-loving cinephiles have previously had their pick of Persol's foldable 714 classics worn by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, the PO3225S sunglasses Tom Cruise sported in Cocktail, and the 1990s-era PO2458S sunnies favored by Nicolas Cage in both Wild at Heart and Leaving Las Vegas. 

The Italian shades brand is harking back to the 1990s once again with its latest interpretation of the PO3260S, the Persols worn by Jude Law in the eternally stylish 1999 thriller, The Talented Mr. Ripley. (Before that, the iconic frames were made famous by Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita.) 

The vintage aviators were reimagined for a new line of seven sunglasses, each with eye-catching acetate colorways and crystal lenses. The combinations span from brown tortoiseshell and transparent gray frames with gray lenses to Sienna frames with sky blue lenses, and are available on ranging from $260-$310. 

Here's a first look at the entire collection below: 

0PO3260S__112033.jpg persol
0PO3260S__96_56.jpg persol
0PO3260S__95_31.jpg persol
0PO3260S__1130B1.jpg persol
0PO3260S__24_57.jpg persol
0PO3260S__96_AN.jpg persol
0PO3260S__24_31.jpg persol

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