Piaget Gets Bare Bones With Skeleton Polo Watch

The new Piaget Polo Skeleton reveals the inner workings of the iconic watch design.
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Piaget has a knack for doing things differently, from crafting the world’s thinnest mechanical watch to pushing the boundaries of what a stainless steel sports watch can do. Going back to that second item: This is where the Piaget Polo Skeleton enters the equation, and quite possibly, your collection.

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The Piaget Polo Skeleton is an instantly striking and visually stunning timepiece that builds off the famed Piaget Polo, introduced in the 1970s as the epitome of the luxury sports watch. The kicker here is that the new take on the Polo Skeleton blends the watchmaker’s skill at making thin watches with the concept of crafting a skeletonized dial, showing off the intricacies of the watch movement itself.

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The end result succeeds in delivering quite the groundbreaking timepiece, measuring only 6.5mm thick and featuring a nicely sized 42mm stainless steel case. In fact, the Piaget Polo Skeleton is practically two watches rolled into one, because the traditional Piaget Polo case now includes the option to swap out stainless steel links for a handsome leather band.

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You can also select from either a Piaget Blue PVD finish (referring to the color of the movement in the skeletonized design) or a sleek slate grey option. The other side of the watch gets the same level of attention to detail, and by that, we mean that it’s finished with a clear sapphire crystal caseback, all the better to admire the mechanical bits.

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Invest in one of the finest watches on the planet (it retails for $34,300), and be prepared to marvel on the daily at its intricate, refined and exceptionally unique design.