President Obama Goes Shopping at The Gap, Because of Course He Does

Papa needs a new pair of mom jeans.

Good thing there’s nothing super important going on in the world, because President Obama is busy. He’s busy making unscheduled stops at the Gap over on 42nd Street. That’s right: Yesterday, while in New York City to attend several democratic fundraisers, the leader of the free world stopped by a midtown location of the store to pick up a few things for his girls. Specifically, a cardigan for each daughter, and a workout top for Michelle. of course, regular guys who take it upon themselves to buy workout clothes for their wives usually get a roundhouse kick to the balls, but Obama gets a pass, presumably because he has the nuclear codes and whatnot.

The incident does clear up at least one matter we’ve been wondering about for quite some time – the question of where POTUS gets those horrific acid wash mom jeans he’s always wearing. We’d just assumed those were custom-made by a White House tailor with a sick sense of humor. But now it seems clear that Obama was shopping at the same middle-of-the-road mall staple as the rest of America all along. President Obama: He’s just like us! Except, he shouldn’t be. Because, have you met us? We’re the worst. And even we wouldn’t wear those jeans. So, Mr. President, next time you have a free afternoon and you mosey on over to a Gap, might we suggest one of these items instead:

Cable Shawlneck Pullover

Classic Khaki

Textured Leather Belt

Hell, he could even buy one of those pink cardigans for himself – and it would still be better than those jeans.

Photos by Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP