Private White V.C.’s Jeep Jacket Will Keep You Warm Through a War (or Winter)

If it’s good enough for Eisenhower…

The latest from British menswear manufacturer Private White V.C. is a modern version of the robust coat worn by off-roading officers in WWII: the aptly named Jeep Coat. So, if it was tough enough for the history’s most comprehensive war, it’s probably going to withstand any abuse you give it while raking leaves.

The coat is fleece-lined with a real shearling collar for neck warmth and the shell layer is cotton drill with a natural wool wadding between the outer layer and fleece, for superlative torso insulation. Style-wise, this update hews closely to the utilitarian original – thought it’s worth remembering that, in the forties, military buttons were high-grade copper, combat buttons were shell–proof, and buckles were leather.

You should feel comfortable wearing this most places, for 1940’s British casual is about on par with millennial American semi-formal. Even at ease, this Brit fighter is shipshape. 

Photos by and Williams