Would You Give Up Sex to Save Your Hair? This Man Did

Worst. Tradeoff. Ever.

This dude was having a problem with putting it down.



Feb 11, 2014 at 7:50am PST

Yep, that dude. 30-year-old Giorgos Tsetis is a professional model, and for six years he was having trouble in the sack because of his day job. As opposed to the oft-cited “work-related stress” complaint, Tsetis’s coitus concerns stemmed from products he was using to stave off hair loss. That was his dilemma: hair or hard on.

So for six years, Tsetis took the FDA-approved drug Propecia that helps fight hair loss, a condition that would prove detrimental to any male model’s career. The side effect? The drug also inhibits libido. In fact, the ability to get it up was so low for this former Armani model that his girlfriend almost left him.

Three years ago, the model kicked the drug and teamed up with a former hair shampoo exec on a natural vitamin supplement called Nutrafol. According to the company, the natural ingredients used here promote hair growth without effecting your sex drive. So, in a sense, it’s the perfect way to give and get great head.

Photos by Getty Images