Put This On: Collared Greens Necktie

Look the part for the Kentucky Derby.

Look the part for the Kentucky Derby.

Photograph courtesy of Collared Greens

What it is:Collared Greens Signature Series silk necktie, $85

Why we like it:Unlike most sporting events, getting ready for the Kentucky Derby might just require that you sport a necktie. So if you’re going that route, why not look to the North Carolina-based Collared Greens for neckwear that’ll help you fit right in? The company also makes Derby-worthy polo shirts, T-shirts, and belts, so give those a gander while you’re at it. As an added bonus, Collared Greens is highly committed to being ecologically friendly, both in terms of the causes it supports and the way it operates its manufacturing facilities.

Where to get it: collaredgreens.com

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